Where and How to Start using jQuery to Enhance your Drupal Site (jQuery Mini-series Part 3 of 3)

If your are not a jQuery dev, don’t worry, there are plenty of excellent resources to get you started using jQuery to enhance your site.

Start here

http://drupal.org/project/Modules/category/101 ( Drupal Modules: JavaScript Utilities )

Then simply:

  1. Browse
  2. Download
  3. Install & Configure

Some module which I recommend checking out

UI Improvements

Content Browsing


Theming and Display

jQuery Plug-in Management

More Resources

  1. Pro Drupal Development, Second Edition by John K. VanDyk - Chapter 17.  Using JQuery
  2. http://jquery.com/ & http://visualjquery.com/
  3. http://interface.eyecon.ro/ - Interface Elements for jQuery
  4. D6 Demo of Views Carousel: http://mustardseedmedia.com/podcast/episode20
  5. Comparison of “lightbox” type modules: http://drupal.org/node/266126

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